ALEX has been touring Europe since the year 2000. His band RUT HOST played every country from Holland to Romania – including playing with MOTORHEAD and TANKCSAPDA at the VEKERI-TO festival in Hungary, and with DISCIPLIN A KITCHMA at THE CASTLE in Banja Luka, Bosnia. Now, he plays over 150  koncerts per year – solo and with his group the THE ALEX CARLIN BAND with Denis Matuizo on drums and Andrey Samoylov on bass. On special occasions Alex plays with drummer extraordinaire Atma Anur.

Click on Alex’s new PROMO VIDEO here!

ALEX CARLIN BAND recently released a new CD called “Don’t Stop The Rock”

The previous CD is called “Are You Better Than My Girlfriend?”. The title track video was filmed live in Moscow, plus extra scenes in Krakow –  Click here to see the videoklip!  Most of the CD was recorded in between gigs in Omsk, Siberia and in Krasnodar, and then mixed and mastered in Moscow by Alex Holland.

In New York City, Alex sang a duet with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith - check this out!

In San Francisco, he plays shows once a year with his legendary band PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE. A remastered version of their infamous cd bundled in an outrageous “comic book” history of the band in now available so  click on this to believe it.

He plays many shows in the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Ireland, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo,  Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Alex likes to play, besides the stratocaster, an acoustic guitar with the great SUNRISE pickup, because better than Heavy Metal is Heavy Wood!

In March/April 2013, The Alex Carlin Band was all over Russia. The tour was called The All Russia Meteor Tour since it went like a meteor through Siberia, Surgut, Stalingrad and Sochi, as a real meteor was meteorizing and destroying the klub in Chelyabinsk where they were scheduled to play (in the Ural Mountain region). The lads made it back to Moscow in one piece.

In September/October 2013, April 2014 and October 2014, they continued to tour to the same areas of Ural, Siberia, and Black Sea – in April 2014 they called it the “Crimea and Punishment Tour”.

Alex played a special solo concert tour in December 2013/January 2014 in Rostov, Volgograd, Saratov, Ekaterinburg, Tiumen, Omsk and Krasnodar, and in the Caucasus Mountains in Ossetia/Russia near Chechnya in the town of Vladikavkaze. This was his Russian Winter Tour. It was only minus 35 degrees in Omsk. But it was hot in Ukraine. Alex played in Dontetsk, and in Kiev Alex stopped off at Maidan to check out the revolution there on 19 January. It was peaceful… until a few hours after he left to go to the train back to Krakow…then all hell started to break loose.

2015 saw the band continuing to criss-cross Russia and former Soviet Republics like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with their Don’t Stop the Rock Tour, from Murmansk in the Arctic to Sochi at the Black Sea, from Smolensk to Ulan Ude – and many motorcycle festivals in between.

2016 has included a Psycotic Pineapple concert in a big festival in California hosted by John Waters, and ALEX CARLIN BAND playing a headliner slot at a giant Biker Festival in Crimea.

Alex wrote a lot of songs together with Giennek Loska and Makar Makarevich for their band Seven B, including “Bad Whiskey Bottle” which ALEX CARLIN BAND recently recorded.  Gienek won 100,000 zlotys as first prize in the Polish national talent search television show “X – Factor”.

In 2009, in Radomsko, at Klub Bourbon Street, Alex broke the Guinness Book of World Records “Longest Concert Solo Artist” record – he played 32 hours

Back in the States, Alex was a member of Psycotic Pineapple, The Rubinoos, and The Malakas.