Moscow 2015

Moscow1Foto by Max Poluboyarinov

hollywoodFoto by Adriana Czerwinska

27 hours momentthe moment of breaking the Guinness Record



Barcelona Birthday 6amthis guy taught me everything I know

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  1. Madalin Feb 24th 2011

    Hi Alex! It’s me Madalin. Your friend from Romania. Do you remember that restaurant. You were looking for the castle from Savarsin ? See you soon! Bye Alex!

  2. Hello!! Inna from SQUAT cafe ( 14 sept.)

  3. adrianka Apr 8th 2012
  4. Hey Alex!

    LOL. And I thought that I was your friend from Romania :)

    Seems you have lots of friends..

    Anyway, hope you’re OK,

    Was also wondering where can I get the “No Sleep, only Rock and Roll” album from? Can’t find it on Amazon..

    take care!

  5. marina May 24th 2012


  6. Chris Sep 7th 2012

    You were awesome yesterday!!!
    Just one look at you, when you are playing and it’s obvious, that music is your life.
    Thank you 4 great time! THANK YOU!

  7. Had a nice time in Mechanoff! Thanks a lot for that, it was a great pleasure to listen to You!

  8. Isadora Apollo Nov 19th 2012

    Hi Alex! We met in Central Park yesterday (Sunday), remember? You are a great singer, was very nice to meet you and listen you singing Beatles! Good luck in all your life and career!

  9. Dashka Mar 17th 2013

    Это был классный концерт! Алекс мы тебя ещё ждем в Шадринске!

  10. Михаил Sep 6th 2013

    Алекс , твое выступление в Бостон-пабе высший класс!!
    Спасибо за автограф и фото.

  11. Marina Oct 20th 2013

    Hi Alex! How are U? We were impressed by your singing at the train restaurant 15 October.
    How was your concert in Krasnodar? Did you like Krasnodar?
    And remember, you promised me come to our wedding))

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